Perth Upmarket

I was so excited about Upmarket. Its fair to say the rest of Team Rompy were less enthused, but came along anyway. We arrived just after opening time and it was already packed!

The huge crowd and hot day meant it was really difficult to enjoy it. There were a lot of things I would have liked to buy - but couldnt fight my way to the tables to do so. James and Princess spent most of the time huddled against a wall because the pram wouldnt fit anywhere and when I carried Princess she got crushed by swarms of people.

I suppose in a way its a great thing - seeing so many Perth-ies interested in handmade. But please Upmarket-ers - a bigger venue or a longer opening time is needed! I think we missed a lot of treasures!

The find of the market for Team Rompy was Champ and Rosie. We managed to squeeze up to the table and bought this sweet little print:

The text says "I love hats" which Team Rompy certainly do!

The work is lovely and the prices are a steal! Im hatching plans for a wall of their mini canvas prints!