Pink Party

New Birthday Clothes!
A skirt made by me using this brilliant tutorial from Made by Lex.

There were plenty of pink treats to eat.
(and a very ugly old aircon soon to be removed!)

Birthday cake!
Another chocolate mud cake torted with raspberry buttercream - decorated with a mix of glitter butterflies (Spotlight) and sugar flowers & butterflies from Major Cakes in East Victoria Park.

More to come soon!

Second Birthday

Princess' Pink Birthday Party coming soon!

Teddy Bears Picnic

Every teddy bear thats been good
Is sure of a treat today
There's lots of wonderful things to eat
And wonderful games to play

Perth Zoo celebrated the first birthday of its Sun Bear Maly with a Teddy Bears Picnic.  There were cupcakes for all!  

Despite a horrid nights sleep I think Princess enjoyed the day.  Who doesnt enjoy Teddy Bears & cupcakes?

Sculpture by the Sea

Its not often Perth shares the art stage with Sydney and Denmark.  

Perth Upmarket

I was so excited about Upmarket. Its fair to say the rest of Team Rompy were less enthused, but came along anyway. We arrived just after opening time and it was already packed!

The huge crowd and hot day meant it was really difficult to enjoy it. There were a lot of things I would have liked to buy - but couldnt fight my way to the tables to do so. James and Princess spent most of the time huddled against a wall because the pram wouldnt fit anywhere and when I carried Princess she got crushed by swarms of people.

I suppose in a way its a great thing - seeing so many Perth-ies interested in handmade. But please Upmarket-ers - a bigger venue or a longer opening time is needed! I think we missed a lot of treasures!

The find of the market for Team Rompy was Champ and Rosie. We managed to squeeze up to the table and bought this sweet little print:

The text says "I love hats" which Team Rompy certainly do!

The work is lovely and the prices are a steal! Im hatching plans for a wall of their mini canvas prints!

Domokun Cake

It was James Birthday recently and we decided to have a casual BBQ in the almost finished yard. The special request was for a Domokun cake. There are a couple of these about on the internet and I followed the cutting directions provided by ljcblog.

It was a simple chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles.
His mouth is fondant and eyes are liquorice.

My cake tips are:

I left the cake to cool overnight - even slightly warm and the icing becomes a sloppy mess.

Brush away the crumbs with a pastry brush. Then brush again. Then again.

Think ahead and make sure you have a cake board to put it on! My poor Domo is on my biggest plate - which is a curved side sushi plate - this made him a nightmare to ice. Completely avoidable if I had remembered to buy a board from the local cake shop!

Buy pre-made coloured icing if you can find it. Hand kneading bright red dye? Bad idea - unless red hands are your favoured look. Dont bother with gloves - they stick to to the fondant and pull off.

Poor Domo - being stabbed!

Princess Turns One

Its been a long time blog! Im blaming the election - that was a mad amount of work!

In the meantime, Princess turned one!

Given the ongoing renovations at our place, we hired a local church hall. Such a lovely old building and set the scene perfectly for the Formal Afternoon Tea theme.

I spent a lot of time (no really - a lot!) scouring local second hand shops for teacups, silverware and serving plates. We had mountains of scones with jam, lemon butter and cream, cupcakes, finger sandwiches, fairy bread, jam rolls, pink lemonade and of course, tea. 

I found a great idea on Tea Rose Lane, wrapping the store bought jam rolls in scrap-booking paper. I expanded on the idea and also wrapped bottles of our home-made pink lemonade in the same paper.

I also spent a lot of time sewing bunting - Dad strung it around the hall and of course I forgot to photograph it!  Like just about everything else about the party! Even these photos werent taken by me - I have to remember next event!

Because of all the election work - my Mum & Dad & Sister sprang into action and spent the day before the party at our place baking everything. If it werent for them - Im not sure the party would have gone ahead!

Despite being a little frightened of everyone singing Happy Birthday I think Princess had a great time.