Goodbye Mission Brown Pergola!

So, our house has:

  • A small unworkable kitchen
  • Mouldy ceilings
  • Mismatched carpets
  • A green toilet
  • Patchy paint
  • A wild unusable garden
But we love it - why? Because it feels like a home.

From the funny little patched picture hooks, to the growth chart on the pantry door, it really feels like a happy family has lived here.  That is why we did not hesitate when buying.  Sure, not the most sensible thing to base a big investment on, but important to us.

The house was built by a lovely woman named Barbara.  Barbara lived here with her family in the original house when it was one big block.  After her husband passed away she built four new houses on the block and lived here with her children.

The feeling of a happy loving family life has seeped into the bones of the place. Which is why, even though we want to change a lot, we want to keep the warm, friendly, happy feeling it already has.

First big job?  Goodbye falling down, held up by twisty ties pergola!